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  • Revamped Macro Designer makes it much simpler for you to quickly create macros from scratch

  • Create, edit, and manage conditional formatting rules in one centralized view

  • Out-of-the box templates and one-click app creation make Access 2010 a fast, simple, and cost-effective database solution

  • Powerful tools enable you to reduce errors, spend less time memorizing expression names and syntax, and spend more time focusing on building application logic

  • Simplified Expression Builder makes it faster and easier for you to build out logic and expressions in your database

  • New Backstage view lets you check your database for web compatibility, define table relationships, set a password to open your database, and more, all from one location

  • Data caching helps ensure that changes made to applications and data while you're offline—including line-of-business information—are automatically synchronized when a connection is restored

  • Save time and effort by using pre-built database components in your database—simultaneously add a group of related fields, such as Address, City, State, Country, and Zip, to your table in just a few clicks

  • Multilingual users can easily access a single dialog box where preferences can be set for editing, display, ScreenTip, and Help languages

  • Make it easier for your IT department to manage, backup, and audit databases by using SharePoint Server for advanced security, central data administration, and management

  • Use Access Services to help simplify governance, data manageability, and discoverability of information for IT professionals

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System Requirements

Computer and Processor500 MHz or faster
Hard disk
2 GB
Display1024x576 or higher
Operating systemWindows 7, Vista with SP1, XP with SP3 (32-bit only), Server 2008, or Server 2003 R2 with MSXML 6.0
Memory256 MB or more

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Reviewer: RoseFairhope
This product performed as advertised, I would recommend this to my family and friends for purchasing. I hope this was helpful.
Reviewer: AngleDes Plaines
At first when I received the product I thought it had already been opened, but I got it installed on my computer. It works just fine!

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Buy Microsoft Access 2010 For Mac Pro

Open Microsoft Access database on your Mac with this App, you can view data easily with Filter, Sort, Paging, and export data or schema to other databases. With the In-App Purchase 'Edit Data' and 'DB Creator' you can even edit it directly on your Mac, create new databases and new tables.
( We have a new pro version without any in-app purchase, the App name is 'ACCDB MDB Database Pro, you can buy that version if you don't like in-app purchase. )
Support Access Database Version:
- Microsoft Access 2000
- Microsoft Access 2002
- Microsoft Access 2003
- Microsoft Access 2007
- Microsoft Access 2010
- Microsoft Access 2013
You can view App demo video on our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/woiapp
- Support mdb and accdb Microsoft Access database format.
- View table data with paging list
- 10+ data view UI control (include Map, Date Time, Checkbox, Rating, Color, Dropdown, Multi-select ...)
- Html View with customisable template, you can build beautiful reports with your template
- Filter/Search table data on column
- Sort table data by click on the column header
- Choose tables to show and columns to show
- Drag drop rearrange column order and change column width in main table
- Sow cross table data value by ID ( use the Data Picker Setting )
- Zoom data via change data font size
- Open MDB(Jet) format Access Database
- Open accdb format Access Database
- Full screen support
- Export table data to CSV format with many options
- Export table data to Excel file
- Export table data to Insert SQL, support access,mysql,sqlite,oracle,postgresql,sybase.
- Export database schema (DDL), support access, mysql,sqlite,oracle,postgresql,sybase.
- Big database support, tested on 300MB size database, table rows over 2 million
- Works great with companion mobile app 'Access Database Manager' for iPhone and iPad
In-App Purchase 'Edit Data' Features:
- 10+ data edit UI control (include Map, Date Time, Checkbox, Rating, Color Picker, Dropdown, Multi-select ...)
- Update table row data
- Delete table row data
- Add table row data
- Cross table ID,Value single or multi-select using the Data Picker
In-app Purchase 'DB Creator' Features:
- Create Database
- Create Table
- Create contacts table by import Contacts
- Import CSV data to table or append to existing table
In-App Purchase 'Map View' Features:
- View Geolocation on map
Support two format:
1. Latitude and Longitude column data;
2. any column contain this format geolocation: {lat:11.123,lng:34.56}
- Auto update Geolocation by search address
Select address column to search, and select save to column to save the found geolocation.
Please select the column which have enough length to save Latitude and Longitude.
In-App Purchase 'Html View' Features:
- Html View Data
- Customisable Template
- Save Template
- Save the result Html to file ( Then you can print it or email it )
- Sample template Pie Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart included
In-App Purchase 'Instant Web Server' Features:
- Publish Access data on local network with one single click, view and add data on any web browser from mobile devices or computers
- Easy setup template for list page and detail page
- Build-in form to add data
- Configable URL Path, template and server port
- Build-in 10+ Html Table Template
In-App Purchase 'App Builder'
- Build customised User Interface for your database
- Bind database table row data to user control
- Support Rows Table List, Row detail data controls, search field
If your database don't have password, but still can't open, it maybe encoded. You can use MS Access feature 'Encode/Decode database' to decode it, then open with our App.

Viewer for Access Database Mac版 截图1

Viewer for Access Database的新功能

- Bug Fix

Viewer for Access Database Mac版 截图2

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