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Every aspect of a table’s appearance can be formatted in Word in Office 2011 for Mac. You can apply styles that merge cells together to form bigger cells, unmerge them, change border colors, create cell shading, and more.

Oct 03, 2011 Learn some tips for using the spelling, grammar, and language options and tools in Word for Mac 2011. How to fix spelling and grammar checker for all Microsoft office word and others. 2020-3-23  I have Office for Mac 2011 and unlike Office PC, I can't find how to change the location where my files are to be saved. The default position doesn't suit my needs and I spend a lot of time 'navigating' to the folder where I store all my projects.

Applying a table style from the Office 2011 for Mac Ribbon

The Tables tab of the Ribbon is the most obvious place to begin the table-formatting discussion. To apply a built-in table style, click anywhere in your table, then choose a table style from either the Table Styles gallery or palette. Word offers you plenty of beautiful built-in styles from which to choose. You can easily modify the shading or line colors by clicking the Shading or Lines buttons next to the gallery.

Applying a table style from the Styles dialog in Word 2011 for Mac

You get to choose from more than 140 different table styles using the Style dialog, which has the 44 AutoFormats from the old Table AutoFormat feature from previous versions of Word.


To get at all the table styles Word has to offer, click anywhere within the table you want to format and then follow these steps:

Change Language Microsoft Word 2011 Mac Review

  1. Choose Format→Style from the menu bar.

  2. Click the List pop-up menu and choose All Styles to remove the filter from the style list.

  3. Click in the Styles list and then press T to get to the table styles.

    When you select any style with a description that starts with Table, you see a preview of the selected table style in the Table Preview area.

  4. Select the style you want to apply to your table and click the Apply button.