How Can Microsoft Word Mac Open Wordperfect

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(as of 11/21/2018)

Select the default program from the ‘Open With’ window. Select Microsoft Word. Check the check-box ‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’. All the.wpd files will henceforth open in Microsoft word. This setting saves us the hassle of converting the file to.doc extension. This application can read files, take notes, or act as a word processor too. It is a part of WordPerfect Office Suite Software. How to Convert WordPerfect Document to Microsoft Word Document WordPerfect file has to be first converted into a word file, in order to open it in Microsoft Word.

How Can Microsoft Word Mac Open Wordperfect Word

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Software Overview

Main Features

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office formats
  • Create macros to automate work using PerfectScript or the macro development wizard
  • Utilize the advanced code system to create dynamic documents and keep track of your code easily
  • Open and export PDF files with built-in PDF software

Corel WordPerfect is a word processor with many features designed to maximize efficiency when creating documents. It is popular among academic users and law firms because of its capabilities with macros and other time saving features. Originally available for multiple platforms, WordPerfect is now only released for Windows as part of the WordPerfect Office suite.

WordPerfect includes many features designed to make your word processing experience quick and efficient. It has many different key combination shortcuts you can use to access tools without the need to click on an icon or navigate through menus. You can also use its user-friendly macro/scripting language PerfectScript to create your own macros. With PerfectScript you can create macros to automate tasks like creating documents, editing documents, and displaying the results of calculations. If you don't want to use PerfectScript there is a macro development wizard that you can use instead. WordPerfect doesn't embed macros directly into your documents, so it doesn't have issues with macros being used as viruses like Microsoft Word.

The other feature that makes WordPerfect a powerful tool is its streaming code architecture. You can create your document using 'codes' which are tags throughout your document that handle styling and the treatment of your data. A document that you create with codes is similar to HTML in that it is a mixture of text and code tags that affect the behavior of the text. You can manage your codes with the Reveal Codes feature, which opens in a second editing screen and displays all of the data and styles used in your document. From the editing screen, you can click on any of your data or styles to launch the style editor or data configuration window and make modifications.

WordPerfect is a great alternative to Microsoft Word for word processing, and it is a very powerful productivity tool. If you like to be able to customize your writing experience with shortcuts and macros this is definitely the best choice of the two. WordPerfect can bring your document creating process to the next level and help you maximize your efficiency the way you want to.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

How Can Microsoft Word Mac Open Wordperfect File

.WPD – WordPerfect Document

How Can Microsoft Word Mac Open Wordperfect Download

Other file extensions used by Corel WordPerfect X9

Open Wordperfect Document In Word

Supported File Types
.DOCMicrosoft Word Document
.DOCMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
.DOTWord Document Template
.DOTMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
.DOTXWord Open XML Document Template
.ODTOpenDocument Text Document
.PDFPortable Document Format File
.RTFRich Text Format File
.TXTPlain Text File
.WCMWordPerfect Macro
.WPWordPerfect Document
.WP4WordPerfect 4 Document
.WP5WordPerfect 5 Document
.WP6WordPerfect 6 Document
.WP7WordPerfect 7 Document
.WPEWordPerfect Entrust Document
.WPFWordPerfect Form
.WPGWordPerfect Graphic File
.WPKWordPerfect Macro
.WPMWordPerfect Macro File
.WPPWordPerfect Color Palette
.WPTWordPerfect Template
.WPWWP Works Word Processor File
.WRIMicrosoft Write Document
.WSDWordStar Document
.XYXYWrite Document
Additional Related File Formats
.ABXWordPerfect Address Book
.CDRCorelDRAW Image File
.DIFData Interchange Format
.DOXMultiMate Document
.ENVWordPerfect Environment
.EQNWordPerfect Equation
.FFTFinal Form Text File
.FRMForm File
.IX2WordPerfect Address Book File
.LABWordPerfect Label Definition File
.LGCWordPerfect DTD Compiler Logic File
.MEMMacro Editor Macro
.RFTRevisable Form Text Document
.SAMAmi Pro Document
.UWLUser Word List File
.VWVolkswriter Text File
.WBKWordPerfect Workbook
.{PBCorel WordPerfect Document Index File

How Can Microsoft Word Mac Open Wordperfect 10

Updated: November 21, 2018