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2020-4-2  Word 2016 offers a couple of commands that enable you to fix mistakes and restore your documents — Redo and Repeat. If you undo something and — whoops! — you didn’t mean to, use the Redo command to set things back to the way they were. Welcome to our review of Word for Mac 2016, updated on 29 Feb 2016. The biggest and most welcome change to Word for Mac 2016 is the new Ribbon-based look and feel, designed from the ground up for.

从一个操作系统迁移到另一个操作系统可能会很困难。Migrating from one operating system to another can be daunting.从用户界面到菜单项分类,跨平台应用程序中通常存在细微差异。There are often subtle differences in cross-platform applications, from the user interface to the categorization of menu items.用户还会经历一段学习曲线以适应新操作系统的用户界面。Users will also have the learning curve of acclimatizing to the new operating system's user interface.在这里,你将了解 Visual Studio for Mac 和 Visual Studio for Windows 之间的最常见区别。Here you'll learn the most common differences between Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio for Windows.你还将了解 macOS 与 Windows 之间的几个不同约定。You'll also learn a few different conventions between macOS and Windows.

键盘快捷键Keyboard shortcuts

作为开发人员,很多人都习惯使用键盘来执行任务和导航。As developers, many of you will be accustomed to using the keyboard for your tasks and navigation.键盘上的某些键在 Mac 和 Windows PC 之间是通用的。Some keys on the keyboard are common between Macs and Windows PCs.你可能会认为,复制和粘贴等键盘操作使用相同的组合键。You could be forgiven for thinking that keyboard actions such as copy and paste use the same key combinations.但不总是这样。This is not always the case.幸运的是,你可以更改 Visual Studio for Mac 中的键绑定,使其与 Windows 中的 Visual Studio 相匹配。Fortunately, you can change your key bindings in Visual Studio for Mac to closely match those of Visual Studio in Windows.

首次运行时 Visual Studio for Mac 时,会看到“键盘快捷方式选择”窗口:The first time you run Visual Studio for Mac you'll see the keyboard shortcuts selection window:


如果以后要更改键绑定,可以在“首选项”中找到相关设置:If you want to change the key bindings later, you can find the setting in the preferences:

需要注意的是,macOS 对 Windows 使用了不同的系统范围快捷方式。It's important to note that macOS uses different system-wide shortcuts to Windows.更改键绑定首选项后,将允许你在 Visual Studio for Mac 中使用熟悉的 Windows 快捷方式。Changing the key binding preferences will allow you to use familiar Windows shortcuts in Visual Studio for Mac.但是,在 macOS 的其他区域中,需要熟悉 macOS 快捷方式。However, in other areas of macOS you'll need to be familiar with macOS shortcuts.

MacOS 命令(⌘)修改键通常可以替换 Windows 中的控件键。The macOS Command (⌘) modifier key can commonly replace the Control key in Windows.下面是一些示例和其他常用的快捷方式:Here are some examples, and other commonly used shortcuts:

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任务TaskWindows 快捷方式Windows ShortcutmacOS 快捷方式macOS Shortcut
复制CopyCtrl + C⌘ + C
粘贴PasteCtrl + V⌘ + V
剪切CutCtrl + X⌘ + X
撤消UndoCtrl + Z⌘ + Z
重做RedoCtrl + Shift + Z⌘ + Shift + Z
删除光标右侧Delete right of cursorDeletefn + Backspace
删除字词Delete wordCtrl + Deletefn + ⌥ + Backspace


可以在 Apple 支持网站中找到 macOS 快捷方式的完整列表。You can find a comprehensive list of macOS shortcuts on the Apple Support website.

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MacOS 中菜单的组织方式不同于 Windows 中的菜单。Menus in macOS are organized differently than menus in Windows.Visual Studio for Mac 也不例外。Visual Studio for Mac is no exception.可在此处找到一些最常见的菜单选项:You can find some of the most common menu options here:

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任务TaskVisual Studio (Windows)Visual Studio (Windows)Visual Studio for MacVisual Studio for Mac
首选项(选项)Preferences (Options)工具 > 选项 >...Tools > Options...Visual Studio > 首选项...Visual Studio > Preferences...
扩展Extensions扩展 > 管理扩展Extensions > Manage ExtensionsVisual Studio > 扩展...Visual Studio > Extensions...
布局Layouts窗口 > 应用窗口布局 > [选择布局]Window > Apply Window Layout > [Select layout]视图 > [选择布局]View > [Select layout]
更新Updates帮助 > 检查更新Help > Check for UpdatesVisual Studio > 检查更新...Visual Studio > Check for Updates...
NuGet 程序包管理器NuGet Package Manager工具 > NuGet 包管理器 > 管理解决方案的 NuGet 包...Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Manage NuGet Packages or Solution...项目 > 管理 NuGet 包...Project > Manage NuGet Packages...
面板/窗口Pads / Windows视图 > [选择面板/窗口]View > [Select Pad / window]视图 > 面板 > [选择面板/窗口]View > Pads > [Select pad / window]
查找工具Find tools编辑 > 查找和替换 > [选择工具]Edit > Find and Replace > [Select tool]搜索 > [选择工具]Search > [Select tool]
关于 Visual StudioAbout Visual Studio帮助 > 关于 Microsoft Visual StudioHelp > About Microsoft Visual StudioVisual Studio > 关于 Visual StudioVisual Studio > About Visual Studio

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可在 IDE 教程中找到 Visual Studio for Mac 中最常见功能的概述You can find an overview of most common features in Visual Studio for Mac in the IDE Tour