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Apr 01, 2013  This forum is for general questions and feedback related to Microsoft Excel (all versions) as they pertain to the IT Pro community. There are two ODBC drivers available for Mac OS X. Neither one is free, but they are both inexpensive. See Choosing an ODBC Driver on this page. Installing the Driver Manager for Microsoft ODBC Driver 13, 13.1, and 17. The driver manager dependency is resolved automatically by the package management system when you install the Microsoft ODBC Driver 13, 13.1, or 17 for SQL Server on Linux or macOS by following the instructions in the following articles. Actual ODBC Driver for Microsoft Access. With the ODBC driver for Access, you can connect to Microsoft Access databases and import data directly into an Excel spreadsheet or a FileMaker database. There is no need for an intermediary Windows PC - this driver reads data from the database file itself. The driver supports Access 97 or later, including Access 2003.

If you are connecting to other ODBC data sources (for example, FileMaker Pro), then you'll need to install the ODBC driver for the data source on your Mac. Drivers that are compatible with Excel for Mac are available from these companies: OpenLink Software. Actual Technologies.


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Excel 2016 for Mac crashes when you click Data > New Database Query > From Database.


This issue occurs if you 're running Excel 2016 for Mac version 15.25 or later, and you have an older 32-bit ODBC driver installed on your Mac.


To resolve this issue, remove the 32-bit driver, and then install a new 64-bit driver. For information about how to remove and install the drivers, contact the driver manufacturer or supplier.

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In September 2015, Excel 2016 for Mac was originally released as 32-bit software. However, in August 2016, the software was updated to 64-bit. To check whether you have this update, click About Excel on the Excel menu. If you have version 15.25 or later, you have the 64-bit version.

If you have the 64-bit version and an older 32-bit ODBC driver, this may cause Excel to crash. To prevent this issue, install a 64-bit driver from the provider or from the company's website. Some of the most common drivers are provided by Openlink Software and Actual Technologies.

To determine whether your driver is 32-bit or 64-bit, follow these steps:

Microsoft Excel Mac Odbc Driver Free

  1. Go to the Finder.
  2. Click Go > Utilities, and then double-click System Information.
  3. On the left side, scroll down, and then click Applications.
  4. Scroll through the list of applications to find the name of your driver.
  5. Click the driver, and then look in the 64-bit column.

For more information about compatible ODBC drivers, see ODBC drivers that are compatible with Excel for Mac.

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