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IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro software enables the unique features of your Microsoft mouse and keyboard, such as button and keyboard customization and battery status. After you install the software, you can access these features by opening Microsoft Mouse or Microsoft.

A screenshot of the IntelliType software running in Windows 7
Final release
8.20.469.0 (Windows), 8.2.0 (Mac OS X) / August 16, 2011
Operating systemMac OS X, Microsoft Windows
TypeDevice driver

Microsoft IntelliType is the brand driver for Microsoft's series of computer keyboards. Microsoft releases versions for both Windows and Mac OS X (as of version 10.15 Microsoft IntelliType no longer installs on Mac OS X). It has been succeeded by Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, which combines IntelliType with IntelliPoint.

IntelliType supports all known Microsoft keyboards (including those that are shipped as parts of desktop sets, as well as entertainment keyboards – i.e. those that are intended for Media center). However, advanced features may only be available on certain models (the users select their keyboard's type inside the program to access that keyboard type's specific button selection).

Supported keyboards[edit]

Microsoft Intellitype Mac

Note: Version 8.0 and above dropped PS/2 support for the following list. As even adapters can't assist,[clarification needed] Microsoft keeps version 7.1 as an offered download for users who still own keyboards with PS/2 connectors (instead of USB).[1]

IntelliType's help file
Supported keyboards
KeyboardWindowsMac OS X (prior to 10.15)
Internet KeyboardYesYes
Internet Pro KeyboardYes [2]?
Keyboard Elite for BluetoothYes [3]Yes
Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000YesYes
Comfort Curve 2000YesYes
Comfort Curve 3000No [4]No
Digital Keyboard 3000YesYes
Digital Media KeyboardYes?
Wireless Laser Keyboard 3000YesYes
Wireless Laser Keyboard 5000YesYes
Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000YesYes
Wireless Laser Keyboard 7000YesYes
Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000Yes [3]Yes
Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 8000Yes [3]Yes
Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000YesYes
Natural Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 7000YesYes
Digital Media Keyboard 3000YesYes
Natural Keyboard ProYes [5]Yes
Wireless MultiMedia KeyboardYesYes
Wireless Keyboard 2000 v2.0Yes?
SideWinder X6YesNo
SideWinder X4YesTemplate:Comes with CD
Logitech k120Yes?

Special features[edit]

Microsoft Intellitype Windows 7


If the keyboard has multimedia buttons, the user can define them to run any program or action.

On-screen indication of NumLock/CapsLock toggling with some keyboards.

On-screen indication of volume level when level is changed.


While the user could always define special keys (and multimedia keys, if such exist), it was only possible since version 6.3 to define them not just globally but also per application.

Version 6.2 forced the user to constantly check for updates by installing and launching the file 'dpupdchk.exe' in the background. It must stay in the background for the control panel's settings to launch (although it could be avoided by renaming the file to something else). Version 6.3 fixed this behavior by only making it an opt-in option during the installation.

Version 7.0 and later in Windows 7 64-bit has recently been proven to disable the media keys (Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Stop) for third-party media players such as iTunes and Media Jukebox when they are not the primary window of focus.[6] Some workaround exists:[7] This behavior continues to be an issue as of Version 8.

See also[edit]

  • IntelliPoint — Microsoftmouse driver.

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