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Certain Office 2013 products are kept up to date automatically by using a technology called Click-to-Run. If you'd like to verify that you're up to date, check your Office version number and manually update Office if necessary.

Microsoft office 2013 professional free download - Microsoft Office 2011, Microsoft Office 2016 Preview, Microsoft Office 2008 update, and many more programs. Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for free. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 - Office Professional Plus 2013 is a program that gives you more control over compliance, offering a set of tools for analyzing or sharing data and more possibilities for communication. If your version of Microsoft Office came with your PC, you can download or order a backup version. Download Earlier Versions of Office. Office for Mac 2011; Note that support for Office 2007 has ended. To download and install Office 2013 for a single PC, Office 2016 for a single PC and Office 2016 for a single Mac go to MyAccount. Before you begin Make sure you have Your Office product key (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx). To download and install Office 2013 for a single PC, Office 2016 for a single PC and Office 2016 for a single Mac go to MyAccount. Before you begin Make sure you have.


The most current version of Office 2013 is 15.0.5223.1001, which was released on March 13, 2020.

To check your version of Office, do the following:

  1. Open any Office 2013 application, such as Word or Excel.

  2. Choose File > Account.

  3. Under Product Information, note the version number below Office Updates.

    If the version number matches the most current version, you're up to date. If not, you can manually update to get the latest version of Office 2013. To update Office, follow these steps.

List of release dates, version numbers, and fix information for Office 2013 updates

The following table provides a list of updates for Office 2013, with the most recent release date listed first. The table includes the version number for the release and a link to the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article, if available, that contains information about the fixes that are included in the update.

New versions contain all the updates contained in previous versions.


The KB articles listed below are for reference purposes only. Click-to-Run updates include all the fixes listed in the KB articles. You don't need to download the separate updates listed in the KB articles.

Release yearRelease dateVersion numberMore information
2020March 1315.0.5223.1001KB 4538705
February 1115.0.5215.1000KB 4538704
January 1415.0.5207.1000KB 4536554
2019December 1015.0.5197.1000KB 4532624
November 1215.0.5189.1000KB 4527848
October 815.0.5179.1000KB 4522242
September 1015.0.5172.1000KB 4517986
August 1315.0.5163.1000KB 4514418
July 915.0.5153.1001KB 4509295
June 1115.0.5145.1001KB 4505743
May 1415.0.5137.1000KB 4501270
April 915.0.5127.1000KB 4495300
March 1215.0.5119.1000KB 4491754
February 1215.0.5111.1001KB 4488446
January 815.0.5101.1002KB 4484800
2018December 1915.0.5093.1001KB 4477615
November 1315.0.5085.1000KB 4469617
October 915.0.5075.1001KB 4464656
September 1115.0.5067.1000KB 4459402
August 1415.0.5059.1000KB 4346823
July 1015.0.5049.1000KB 4340798
June 1215.0.5041.1001KB 4299875
May 815.0.5031.1000KB 4133083
April 1015.0.5023.1000KB 4098622
March 1315.0.5015.1000KB 4090988
February 1315.0.5007.1000KB 4077965
January 915.0.4997.1000KB 4058103
2017December 1215.0.4989.1000KB 4055454
November 1415.0.4981.1001KB 4051890
October 1015.0.4971.1002KB 4043461
September 1215.0.4963.1002KB 4040279
July 2715.0.4953.1001KB 4036121
July 1315.0.4945.1001KB 4033107
June 1315.0.4937.1000KB 4023935
May 915.0.4927.1002KB 4020152
April 1115.0.4919.1002KB 4016803
March 1415.0.4911.1002KB 4013886
February 2215.0.4903.1002KB 4010765
January 1015.0.4893.1002KB 3214449
2016December 1315.0.4885.1001KB 3208595
November 815.0.4875.1001KB 3200802
October 1115.0.4867.1003KB 3194160
September 1315.0.4859.1002KB 3188548
August 915.0.4849.1003KB 3181038
July 2515.0.4841.1002KB 3179661
July 1215.0.4841.1001KB 3173835
June 1415.0.4833.1001KB 3166910
May 2515.0.4823.1004This version fixes a crash that may occur during the installation process.
May 1015.0.4823.1002KB 3158453
April 1215.0.4815.1002KB 3150264
March 815.0.4805.1003KB 3143491
February 1715.0.4797.1003This version fixes a problem that may cause Office apps, such as Word, Excel, or Outlook to freeze or perform very slowly when you scroll the window or when you copy and paste text.
February 915.0.4797.1002KB 3137471
January 1215.0.4787.1002KB 3131245
2015December 815.0.4779.1002KB 3121650
November 2415.0.4771.1004This version fixes an Outlook crash.
November 1015.0.4771.1003KB 3108456
October 1315.0.4763.1003KB 3099951
September 815.0.4753.1003KB 3092181
August 1115.0.4745.1002KB 3083805
July 1415.0.4737.1003KB 3077012
June 915.0.4727.1003KB 3068507
May 1215.0.4719.1002KB 3061974
April 1415.0.4711.1003KB 3050766
March 1015.0.4701.1002KB 3040794
February 1015.0.4693.1002KB 3032763
2014December 915.0.4675.1002KB 3020812
November 1115.0.4667.1002KB 3012392
October 1415.0.4659.1001KB 3003800
September 1615.0.4649.1003KB 2889931
September 915.0.4649.1001KB 2995902
August 1215.0.4641.1003KB 2989071
July 2415.0.4631.1004KB 2989605
July 815.0.4631.1002KB 2980001
June 1015.0.4623.1003KB 2971668
May 2215.0.4615.1002This version fixes activation errors.
May 1315.0.4615.1001KB 2964042
April 815.0.4605.1003KB 2955382
March 1115.0.4569.1508KB 2937335
February 2515.0.4569.1507KB 2817430 (Service Pack 1)
January 1415.0.4551.1512KB 2923177
2013December 1015.0.4551.1011KB 2916204
November 1215.0.4551.1005KB 2908105
October 815.0.4535.1511KB 2892139
September 1015.0.4535.1004KB 2884129
August 1315.0.4517.1509KB 2876211
July 915.0.4517.1005KB 2867767
June 1115.0.4505.1510KB 2860010
May 1415.0.4505.1006KB 2847265
April 915.0.4481.1510KB 2833132

Microsoft Office 2013 is a version of Microsoft Office, a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. It is the successor to Microsoft Office 2010 and the predecessor to Microsoft Office 2016. It includes extended file format support, user interface updates and support for touch among its new features. Office 2013 is suitable for IA-32 and x64 systems and requires Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or a later version of either. A version of Office 2013 comes included on Windows RT devices. Mainstream support ended on April 10, 2018. Extended support ends on April 11, 2023.

Development on this version of Microsoft Office was started in 2010 and ended on October 11, 2012, when Microsoft Office 2013 was released to manufacturing. Microsoft released Office 2013 to general availability on January 29, 2013. This version includes new features such as integration support for online services (including OneDrive, Outlook.com, Skype, Yammer and Flickr), improved format support for Office Open XML (OOXML), OpenDocument (ODF) and Portable Document Format (PDF) and support for multi-touch interfaces.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 For Mac Free Download

Microsoft Office 2013 comes in twelve different editions, including three editions for retail outlets, two editions for volume licensing channel, five subscription-based editions available through Microsoft Office 365 program, the web application edition known as Office Web Apps and the Office RT edition made for tablets and mobile devices. Office Web Apps are available free of charge on the web although enterprises may obtain on-premises installations for a price. Microsoft Office applications may be obtained individually; this includes Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint Designer which are not included in any of the twelve editions.

On February 25, 2014, Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) was released


Microsoft office 2013 Free Download for Windows 7/8/10

Source: Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download for Windows 10

1.Microsoft office 2013 Standard Version

  • For Windows 32 bit: You click here
  • For Windows 64 bit: You click here

2.You can download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional by using a free third-party tool

Step 1: You download tool is developed by heidoc.net by click here

Step 2: You onpen this file you download and choose “Office” => “Office 2013

Reinstall Microsoft Professional Plus 2013

Step 3: You choose verison Office 2013 you want to download (Home/Personal/Pro) and select languge of it. Then you click “Download”

All files are ISO file, so you need to extract them. You visit here to know How to open iso file

How to install Microsoft office 2013

Step1: After downloading you have ISO files, so you need to extract them. You can download Winrar to extract iso file

Then you right click file which you download, you select “Extract to …”

Office Professional Plus

Step 2: After you extract file, you click “Setup.exe”.

Step 3: You click “Install Now” and wait a moment.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 For Mac Download


This files also have MS Word 2013, MS Excel 2013, MS Access 2013, MS Powerpoint 2013

After download and install Microsoft Office 2013, you can use Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key to activate it.

Microsoft office 2013 Features

Office 2013 introduces Click-To-Run 2.0 installation technology for all editions based on Microsoft App-V Version 5. Previously, only certain editions of Office 2010 were available with Click-To-Run 1.0 installer technology, which was based on App-V 4.x, where a separate Q drive was created and installed files of Office were isolated from the rest of the system, causing many Office add-ins to not be compatible. With the newer Click-To-Run technology, Office 2013 installs files just like Windows Installer (MSI) to the Program Files directory. Retail versions of Office 2013 use the Click-to-Run installer. Volume-licensed versions use Windows Installer (MSI) technology. Some editions like Professional Plus are available in both retail (C2R) and volume (MSI) channels.

Other features of Office 2013 include:

  • Flatter look of the Ribbon interface and subtle animations when typing or selecting (Word and Excel)
  • A new visualization for scheduled tasks in Microsoft Outlook
  • Remodeled start screen
  • New graphical options in Word
  • Objects such as images can be freely moved; they snap to boundaries such as paragraph edges, document margin and or column boundaries
  • Supports embedding of Online picture support with content from Office.com, Bing.com and Flickr (by default, only images in public domain) to in replacement to the cliparts gallery from previews office versions.
  • Ability to return to the last viewed or edited location in Word and PowerPoint
  • New slide designs, animations and transitions in PowerPoint 2013
  • It supports for Outlook.com and Hotmail.com in Outlook
  • It supports for integration with Skype, Yammer and SkyDrive
  • IMAP special folders support
  • Starting with Office 2013, proofing tools are separately and freely downloadable without being bundled in Multilingual User Interface (MUI)/Multilanguage packs, Language Interface Packs (LIPs) or Single Language Packs (SLP).

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