Microsoft Powerpoint Won T Open On Mac


Previously Outlook wouldn't really open. It would bounce on the task bar and then have to be force closed. Now it opens perfectly. I also made sure all of Microsoft Office was updated by going to Microsoft Word Help Check for Updates, but it was the Apple firmware update that fixed my Outlook issue. PowerPoint won't start or PowerPoint starts then immediately quits or crashes If PowerPoint won't start at all. Try starting PowerPoint in Safe Mode: hold down the Ctrl key while starting PowerPoint. Hold the Ctrl key down until you see a message asking if you'd like to start PowerPoint in Safe Mode. PowerPoint Hangs Up at Startup on a Mac. Businesses can use PowerPoint to create dynamic presentations for customers, potential clients and employees. Mac users may find the program sometimes sits at the spinning wheel stage or won't open at all. Potential causes include corrupted files, name conflicts.

  1. Microsoft Powerpoint Won't Open On Mac Computer
  2. Microsoft Powerpoint Won't Open On Mac Drive
Microsoft powerpoint not working on mac

Microsoft Powerpoint Won't Open On Mac Computer

Outlook has suddenly stopped working. Outlook 2011 for Mac application won’t launch or start. Splash screen comes up and then disappears again.Then the program quit.
Solution 1:- (Rebuild Outlook database)
Method 1: Press and hold Option key when launching Outlook to rebuild the identity.
Method 2: Press and hold Alt key (windows) and click the Outlook icon on on the Dock (If the icon not appears on dock, Go to /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011 folder and drag the outlook file to Dock).
Microsoft database utility will appear. Now click the Rebuild button.
It will reboot Outlook database. After it finished the process, click the Done button and close the Microsoft Database utility.
Method 3: Open Applications and choose Microsoft Office 2011 folder. Then select the office folder and find Microsoft Database Utility.app. Here you can find rebuild option.
Solution 2:- (Remove Outlook preference file)
Go to ~/Library/Preferences and delete Outlook preference file (file name starts with “com.microsoft”).
Solution 3: (Nano suggested)
Open Terminal app and type the following command to delete old preferences.

Jan 22, 2017 Microsoft office stopped working on my mac. I can't open excel, powerpoint, or word. Technician's Assistant: How much experience do you have with this particular machine? I have a mac book air - I've had a mac of some sort for 20 years. PowerPoint won't start. Fixes: Start in safe mode Try to start powerpoint in safe mode, maybe there is a wrong addin preventing it to load. To start PowerPoint in safe mode: hold CTRL and double click the icon; confirm message box which asks if you want to start in safe mode; Using Help-About Microsoft Powerpoint-Disabled Items you can test.

Next type or paste the following command to kill the cached preferences.

Microsoft Powerpoint Won T Open On Mac

Microsoft Powerpoint Won't Open On Mac Drive

Then launch Microsoft Outlook.
If the above methods doesn’t work, re-install office 2011 software.