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Jun 15, 2018  On my iPad Pro (10.5-inch), Microsoft Edge Beta appears to work normally in each of the three split view orientations. (You can divide the screen equally between two apps or give either one of. To split the screen, double click on the small rectangular box located above the vertical scroll bar (see figure 1). You can resize the panes by holding down the left mouse button (when the mouse is hovered over the split box), and dragging the split box up or down (see figure 2). To remove the split screen, simply double click on the split box. Mar 13, 2018  Once your document is open, select Window Split from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Alternatively, click the View tab in Word’s ribbon interface and then click the Split button. You’ll see your Word document window immediately split in two, with a dividing line running horizontally through the middle of the window.

You can split a window in Word 2008 for Mac so that you see two windows on-screen simultaneously, making moving text or images between documents easier. Word’s Split Window feature splits your active window into two separate panes, reducing or eliminating the need to scroll long distances.

You can split the active window in one of three ways:

  • Choose Window→Split Window to split the window into two equal-sized parts.

  • Double-click the resizer control at the top of the right scroll bar to split the window into two equal-sized parts.

  • Click and drag the resizer control at the top of the right scroll bar downward and release it where you want the split to occur.

If you want the parts of the window to be different sizes, the third way is best.

In all three cases, you end up with a window split into two parts, each displaying a different part of the document.

Click in either part to make it the active window. When a part of the window is active, you can change its zoom percentage and scroll up or down without affecting the other part.

After you’ve split a window, you can change the size of the parts by clicking and dragging either the resizer in the scroll bar or the resizer in the middle of the split line.

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To unsplit a window, do one of the following:

Split Screen Mac Microsoft Word

  • Choose Window→Remove Split.

  • Double-click the resizer control in the right scroll bar.